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Last NameFirst NameCredentialsOther
Populations ServedEvening/Weekend
Photo of Ryann Albritton, LCSWAlbrittonRyannLCSWAdults, Adolescents, Children
Photo of Lydia Arguelles, LCSWArguellesLydiaLCSWSpanishAdolescents, Children Ages 5+
Photo of Spencer Baker, LCSWBakerSpencerLCSWAdults
Photo of Margaret Baldwin, CMHCBaldwinMargaretCMHCAdolescents
Photo of Maria Barker, LCSWBarkerMariaLCSWAdolescents, ChildrenEvening Appointments
Photo of Tyson Barlow, CMHCBarlowTysonCMHCAdults, Adolescents, Children
Photo of Brett Bartruff, LCSWBartruffBrettLCSWAdults
Photo of Heather Bernard, APRNBernardHeatherAPRNAdults, Adolescents, Children Ages 5+
Photo of Jared Braithwaite, BraithwaiteJared
BrechbillAmandaCSWAdolescents, ChildrenEvening
Photo of Kristi Brown, CSWBrownKristiCSWAdultsEvening
Photo of Nathan Brown, LCSWBrownNathanLCSWAdults
Photo of Joshua Campbell, CampbellJoshua
Photo of Andi Catherine, CMHCCatherineAndiCMHCAdults, Adolescents, ChildrenEvening Appointments
Photo of Teresa Clawson, CSWClawsonTeresaCSWAdults, Adolescents, Children Ages 3-18Evening Appointments
Photo of Jamie  Cox, CoxJamie
Photo of April Davis, LCSWDavisAprilLCSWAdults
DeverauxLaraLCSWAdults, Adolescents, Children Ages 0 - 18
Photo of Cynthia Fennell, CMHCFennellCynthiaCMHCAdults
Photo of Shawnda Flitton, CMHCFlittonShawndaCMHCAdults
Photo of Craig Francis, RN, MSN, PMHNP-BCFrancisCraigRN, MSN, PMHNP-BCPortugese, SpanishAdults, Adolescents, Children Ages 5-12
Photo of Ken Francis, LCSWFrancisKenLCSWAdults, AdolescentsEvening Appointments
Photo of Kennedy Gandy, LCSWGandyKennedyLCSWNorwegianAdultsEvening Appointments
Photo of Gary A. Goodrich, PhdGoodrichGary A.PhdSpanishAdults
Photo of Bret Hafen, APRNHafenBretAPRNAdults
Photo of Stephanie Harding, LCSWHardingStephanieLCSWAdolescents, Children
Photo of Niki Harrell, LCSWHarrellNikiLCSWAdolescents, Children Ages 10+
HarrisCharlotteAPRNAdolescents, Children Ages 5-18, some young adults
HarrisonKirkLCSWSpanishAdults, Adolescents, Children Ages 4+
HarwellE. ReganAPRNAdults, Adolescents, Children
Photo of Carol Hendricks, LCSWHendricksCarolLCSWSpanishAdults
Photo of Marty Hood, HoodMarty
Photo of Julie W. Humphrey, LCSWHumphreyJulie W.LCSWAdults, Adolescents
Photo of Blake Hunsaker, CMHCHunsakerBlakeCMHCAdults, Adolescents
Photo of Colby James, APRNJamesColbyAPRNAdults
Photo of Julie Janes, SUDCJanesJulieSUDCAdults
Photo of Mary Jarvis, CSWJarvisMaryCSWAdultsEvening
Photo of Tracey W. Jones, LCSWJonesTracey W.LCSWAdults
KaminskeShaylaLCSWAdolescents, Children
Photo of Teighlor Kodel, CSWKodelTeighlorCSWAdults
Photo of Elizabeth Kopaigora, LCSWKopaigoraElizabethLCSWAdults, Adolescents, Children Ages 3 - 17
Photo of Heather Krambule, APRNKrambuleHeatherAPRNAdults
Photo of Heidi Kraus, LCSWKrausHeidiLCSWAdults
Photo of Julie Krause, APRNKrauseJulieAPRNAdults
Photo of Andrew Layne, LCSWLayneAndrewLCSWAdolescents, Children Ages 10-18Evening Appointments
Photo of Susan Mallory, MDMallorySusanMD
MartinezAllisonLCSWAdolescents, Children Ages 12-19Evening
Photo of Margerita Maybee, CSWMaybeeMargeritaCSWChildren Ages 3 to 17Evening Appointments
Photo of Kim McComas, McComasKim
Photo of David McKay, LCSWMcKayDavidLCSWAdults, Adolescents
Photo of Tina Mikesell, CSWMikesellTinaCSWAdultsEvening Appointments
Photo of Nancy Moss, LCSWMossNancyLCSWAdults, Adolescents
Photo of Callie Murray, LCSWMurrayCallieLCSWAdults, Adolescents
Photo of Jenafer Newman, LCSWNewmanJenaferLCSWAdults
ParkerCindieLCSWAdultsEvening Appointments
Photo of Debra Payne, PhD, LCSWPayneDebraPhD, LCSWSpanishAdults
PetersenStefanieLMFTAdults, AdolescentsEvening Appointments
Photo of Elizabeth Playle, CSWPlayleElizabethCSWAdults
Photo of Cody Powell, LCSWPowellCodyLCSWAdults, Adolescents
Photo of Tiffany Pranno, PrannoTiffany
Photo of Joseph Puntasecca, PuntaseccaJoseph
Photo of Matthew Reed, CMHCReedMatthewCMHCDanishAdults
Photo of Michelle Reynolds, LCSWReynoldsMichelleLCSWChildren Ages 1-18
Photo of Michael Roundy, MDRoundyMichaelMDAdults
Photo of J. Noel Schenk, MDSchenkJ. NoelMDAdultsResidential
Photo of Art Schmidt, CMHCSchmidtArtCMHCAdultsEvening
Photo of Cliff Simpson, SimpsonCliff
Photo of Jacob Thornhill, LCSWThornhillJacobLCSWAdolescents
Photo of Christopher Tippets, TippetsChristopher
Photo of Katherine Tocce-Carlson, LMFTTocce-CarlsonKatherineLMFTAdults, Adolescents
Photo of Latai  Tu'Ivai, Tu'IvaiLatai
Photo of Kendrick Turner, ACMHCTurnerKendrickACMHCSpanishAdolescents, Children Ages 5+
Photo of Alex Valencia, CSWValenciaAlexCSWAdolescents, Children Ages 5-18
VallesReneMDSpanishAdults, Adolescents, Children Ages 0 - 17
Photo of Julie VanDenBerghe, VanDenBergheJulie
Photo of Craig Wilde, WildeCraig
Photo of Chad Woodruff, LCSWWoodruffChadLCSWAdults, Adolescents, Children Ages 7 - 12
Photo of Jane Woolley, CMHCWoolleyJaneCMHCAdults
Photo of McKaye Woolstenhulme, WoolstenhulmeMcKaye