Substance Use Intensive Outpatient

Intensive treatment for addiction. 

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) can be used to treat addictions, mental health and eating disorders or other dependencies. This treatment is used for clients that do not require detoxification or 24/7 supervision. And it allows clients to go about their normal lives in a way that some residential programs don’t.

At times, IOPs may also be used with inpatient programs as a way of helping clients integrate back into their families and communities. They help with relapse management and provide coping strategies for the future.

Inpatient programs can be some of the most effective at addressing addiction. They separate clients from the substances and people that can keep them in the cycle of addiction. However, these live-in treatment facilities aren’t always feasible. Those individuals with career and family commitments, for example, often can’t leave their responsibilities to focus on recovery. For those people, intensive outpatient programs are commonly the most effective choice.    

Davis Behavioral Health’s IOPs are gender specific and include screening, assessment, individual, group and family treatment and recovery supports. Our intensive outpatient services are offered morning and evening. Effectiveness is determined based on the overall health of the client. Our evaluation metrics may include decreased substance use and criminal thinking, improvements in mental and physical health, greater social involvement, improved relationships and more. Contact Davis Behavioral Health to learn more about our intensive outpatient substance use services.