Mental Health Residential

Recovery is always possible in Residential Mental Health.

Residential mental health services can help those living with serious, persistent mental illness or substance-use conditions find a path to recovery. Unlike outpatient services, clients stay in a short-term residential facility during treatment. Depending on the client and their needs, residential mental health services may include rehabilitation, treatment or extended care.

Clients can find belonging in this community-based mental health support service. And a community-centered approach can be an effective way of establishing trust and helping to make strides for recovery or remission.

Davis Behavioral Health’s Crisis Recovery Unit (CRU) is a 24/7 stabilization and short-term residential program for people with serious mental illness or co-occurring substance-use conditions. This program is especially suited for those who need a higher level of care than traditional outpatient services. Our CRU is also utilized as a step-down unit for clients that have been residents of inpatient psychiatric units, as well as a transition point for clients who are in the process of discharging from the Utah State Hospital. Contact us today to learn more about our residential mental health services.