DBH Providers

Davis Behavioral Health is a private, non-profit corporation providing behavioral health services to residents of Davis County. DBH employs psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, addiction professionals, social workers, therapists and nurses, as well as a full spectrum of support and administrative staff. Each member of the DBH team makes an important contribution to the success of the entire organization and the people it serves.

A list of licensed providers employed by DBH can be accessed by clicking the link below.

DBH is the contract provider for Medicaid qualified consumers in Davis County. In the effort to provide an extensive continuum of care, it is sometimes necessary to refer clients to a provider outside the DBH agency. These providers contract with Davis Behavioral Health and are held to the same high standards of client care that are required of DBH employees. Click below for a list of contracted providers.

The same policies and forms are used by both DBH employees and contracted providers. Access them by visiting the Policies and/or Forms pages.

All documents can be printed if a hardcopy is needed. To request hardcopies, call DBH at 801-773-7060