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Case Management

Every good journey needs a compass. And the journey toward living a fulfilled life is no different.

Case management provides guidance and support to clients on the path to wellness. Ultimately, the goal of case management is helping clients find their way to a healthy and self-reliant future.

Case management involves four primary functions that center on mutual understanding and thoughtful communication.

First, a case manager gets to know the client. The professional, yet caring, relationship formed shines light on the client’s needs, goals and situation. From there, the case manager can develop a personalized roadmap of compassionate care, or, in some cases, plan for crises. Whether the needs include mental health support services, substance use intervention or anything in-between, the case manager carefully evaluates the client’s progress, ensures adherence to prescribed treatment and helps to facilitate communication between care professionals, the patient and any family involved.

Davis Behavioral Health’s case mangers help guide clients toward wellness through compassionate care and a full-spectrum of mental and behavioral health services. We are Davis County’s mental health services leader. Every good journey needs direction. Let us help guide you or your loved ones to a rich and fulfilling life. Contact us today.