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As the saying goes, prevention is the best medicine.

By iMental health prevention is the intervention of problems in individuals, groups or populations. Its ultimate goal is to reduce future mental health problems in the community. Dentifying mental health issues early and taking preventative mitigation measures, we can all live healthier lifestyles and enjoy more balanced families and communities.

Prevention programs can help individuals better deal with stress, families live happier lives together, parents raise more confident children, couples experience more fulfilling relationships and, even, help those dealing with substance abuse.

Davis Behavioral Health’s prevention programs strengthen our community by providing individuals with opportunities for improvement. We offer prevention programs and classes to individuals, parents and families alike. Our topics are tailored to address common questions and concerns and help individuals understand how to cope with stress and anxiety

What Is Mental Health Prevention?

There are many factors that influence mental health, including our personal history and our social circumstances. While it isn’t possible to prevent someone from developing mental illness in all cases, many issues can be slowed or prevented with early intervention and the right approach. Almost everyone can benefit from preventive mental health services, because it provides tools and strategies for handling the stresses that life can throw at us.

Prevention may mean different things to different people, depending on their current mental wellness and their risk of developing mental illness. There are three different types of prevention:

Primary Prevention

The first level of prevention, primary, focuses on stopping mental health issues before they start. This targets all people, whether they have mental illness or not. It may include anti-stigma programs, such as Mental Health Awareness Week, or teaching important emotional resilience skills to children in school. Primary prevention benefits everyone in the community.

Secondary Prevention

The next level of prevention, secondary, focuses on helping those in the community who at risk of experiencing mental health problems. The emphasis here is on providing support to those within communities or groups that are more likely to develop mental health, including those in the LGBTQ community, those who have experienced trauma or those with long-term health conditions.

Tertiary Prevention

The highest level of prevention, tertiary, helps those who are living with mental illness. Tertiary prevention programs aim to reduce symptoms and help with overall wellness and quality of life. Empowerment and support are the main goals.

We have several locations to serve clients in Davis County.

Davis Behavioral Health’s Mental Health Prevention Programs

Davis Behavioral Health offers preventive mental health programs at all three levels. All of our prevention classes are free for members of our Davis County community to help individuals and families live more fulfilled lives and find peace and balance.


Our Strengthening Families program helps parents and children build strong families through a free, self-paced or in-person course for parents of children ages 10–14. This program is great for parents who are worried about their children’s behavior, those who want to improve their parent-child bond or those who simply want to promote positive relationships within the home.

Our evidence-based methods and curriculum help families create homes where good mental wellness is supported and encouraged. We believe that when families thrive, everyone thrives.


Davis Behavioral Health offers several preventative mental health care programs that focus on relationships for adults and teens. These programs provide individuals and couples with education on how to build positive, uplifting relationships and how to deal with stressors together in a way that builds connections and prevents unhealthy behaviors. Choose from Love Notes for teens and How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk(ette), Fearless Marriage or Couple-Links for adults.


Positive, loving parenting can make all the difference in the mental well-being of children and families. That’s why Davis Behavioral Health offers several prevention programs to build healthy, happy homes where children can thrive. Being a parent can be scary and it can be difficult. Our programs teach parents the tools they need to improve their relationships with their children and develop loving, lasting relationships.


Mindfulness is a power prevention tool that everyone should implement in their lives. Davis Behavioral Health offers mindfulness classes for children, teens and adults. These programs provide participants with the tools and strategies necessary to handle life’s stressors and emotions with positivity and resilience.

Substance Use

Early substance use prevention can be invaluable for young people, stopping potential life issues in their tracks. Our services are designed to educate clients about the dangers and risks of substance use. We also offer classes for those living with substance use disorders, providing support and growth opportunities for better and more sustained recovery. We offer the follow treatment options: Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient.

EvryMan Support Group

For some men, finding connections with themselves, their emotions and other like-minded men can be difficult. Our EvryMan Support Group meets every first and third Thursday at the Live Strong House in Layton. The group focuses on harnessing the power of emotions and helping men develop deeper connections with themselves and others.

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If mental health residential treatment seems like the right fit for you or a loved one, contact Davis Behavioral Health today for mental health residential facilities near you. We are happy to answer any of your questions and direct you to the right program for your needs. If you are experiencing a crisis, please call the 24-hour crisis hotline at 988.

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