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About Us

A healthy mind and mental wellness are the gateway to a rich and enjoyable life. At Davis Behavioral Health, we never forget that our clients have tremendous potential and are entitled to strong relationships and productive lives. This is why we provide a large spectrum of services to individuals and families of all ages—utilizing the highest-quality clinical and evidence-based practices. We feel a profound commitment to provide compassionate and comprehensive mental health, substance use and behavioral health services to our valued clients.

Davis Behavioral Health began in 1972 as a Davis County mental health agency and later incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Each year we provide mental and behavioral health assistance to roughly 10,000 deserving individuals who have the courage to seek help. Through attentive care from our many qualified providers, clients report over 90% overall satisfaction—with nearly 87% confirming improved lives due to help received at one of our many Davis County facilities.