Clubhouse Program

There’s power in community. There’s healing in community.

The Clubhouse International organization helps communities find cost-effective and sustainable solutions for mental illness. It does so by helping to establish Clubhouses around the world—safe places where people living with mental illnesses find opportunities for friendship and avenues for employment, housing and education. Clubhouses also provide access to necessary medical and psychiatric services.

In cooperation with Davis Behavioral Health, Journey House (JH) is a Clubhouse International accredited program. Here, adults with persistent mental illness find the community and support to help rebuild their self-respect and confidence. Our members gain a sense of belonging and accomplishment through education, work and lasting relationships.

Journey House Clubhouse’s participants are members—not clients. It is not a treatment facility. Rather, it’s a supportive and collaborative setting where those who choose to participate can find the hope, tools and resources to help them reach their life’s goals.

Davis Behavioral Health’s Journey House Clubhouse is the foremost community center available to those in Davis County living with serious, persistent mental illness. It can help them to pursue a meaningful and productive life. After all, it’s all in the power of community.