You never need to face your problems alone. Here at Davis Behavioral Health, we believe that connections can help everyone. Our community groups give Davis County residents the opportunity to find connections with others going through similar situations.

Our EvryMan Support Group meets every first and third Thursday at the Live Strong House in Layton. In this group, men learn to harness the power of their emotions and develop deep connections with themselves while surrounded by like-minded men. Whether you’re struggling to handle the stresses of life or just want somewhere to feel accepted, this group is for you.

We also host our Suicide Loss Grief Support Group every second and fourth Tuesday. This is a safe place for suicide loss survivors to share, connect and find understanding with those who are on the the same journey. For many who are dealing with the loss of a loved one to suicide, finding healing comes from connecting with others. Register for one of our groups today.

Community Groups

EvryMan Support Group

Are you ready to transform your life? Harness the power of your emotions and deepen your connection to yourself. Join a group of good men – like yourself – committed to doing the work of becoming more present and fulfilled in their lives.  We provide a framework to help you tap into the great man already […]

Suicide Loss Grief Support Group

        No suicide loss survivor needs to go without support.  Davis Behavioral Health offers a peer-to-peer support group for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.  This is a place for finding strength in sharing and comfort in connecting with those who understand.  There is hope and healing as we […]