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Mental and Emotional Health

Davis Behavioral Health offers a range of mental and emotional health classes for all ages. From mindfulness to managing emotions, we have evidence-based programs designed to help you learn important skills to improve your mental well-being. If you find that your mental or emotional health is interfering with a happy and productive life, consider signing up for one of our courses.

We offer Managing Emotions programs for children ages 6 to 12, held throughout Davis County all year. Our instructors give children tools to identify and control emotions in a healthy way. Our online Mindfulness for Teens program teaches the principles of mindfulness to help adolescents handle the stresses that come with this time of life, as well as tools to regulate emotions throughout their lives.

Our programs for adults include Mindfulness for Adults, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction or Managing Emotions. Participants will learn how to find control over their stress and emotions, allowing them to live a more balanced, peaceful life. Register for one of our mental and emotional health classes today.