Prime for Life-Adult 18 or older

Classes for Adults

This program is for adults 18 years and older.  PRIME For Life® is a motivational risk reduction program. It is used most with people who have had a legal or policy violation such as impaired driving, possession, or workplace violation, but it is relevant for everyone. PRIME for Life helps foster attitudes, beliefs, and understanding that helps people reduce risk for any type of alcohol or drug problem. It also creates a unique self-assessment experience to help people be more aware of what they value, what they are risking, and how to protect the things that mean the most in their lives.

Duration: Once a week for 5-weeks

Cost: $150.00 Payment can be made anytime during the 5 weeks at the front reception desk.  We accept, cash or credit card payments

A screening is required before registration to determine if this is the right intervention for you.  Please call 801.773.7060 if you need a screening and one can be arranged.