Learning to Breathe Training

Learning to Breathe Comprehensive Curriculum Foundation & Intensive

Prerequisite: Completion of an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course; background in education, health promotion, mental health counseling, or a related field. If you’re out of state, click here for an online option to meet this requirement. 

The Learning to Breathe comprehensive training is designed to help you facilitate the growth of mindfulness in adolescents using the Learning to BREATHE (L2B) program. We begin on the first day (Foundation) with a broad overview of the theory and research behind Learning to BREATHE (L2B), a mindfulness-based intervention for adolescents and young adults. The remaining two days (Intensive) are spent in demonstration, small-group practice and group feedback for each of the six themes of the program. We will be engaged in a mix of demonstration, practice teaching and group discussion throughout both days. Discussion about the role of the teacher and the pedagogical elements of mindfulness-based programs is part of the workshop. The workshop is intended to prepare participants to teach the program, so it relies heavily on practice. All materials for the workshop will be provided. If you have access to a L2B manual, you may wish to look through it in advance.

The goal of this workshop will be to:

  • Provide participants with actual practice in teaching the entire 6 themes of the L2B program in small segments using a specially developed teacher training manual provided by the instructor.
  • Utilize the small group process to receive and offer feedback from peers in the teaching process.
  • Share experiences and process questions in the large group. Collectively identify questions about implementation and brainstorm effective ways to bring L2B to participants’ specific schools.
  • Become aware of personal strengths and challenges in mindfulness teaching by means of the TMEOS (Teaching Mindfulness in Education Observation Scale, Broderick, et al, under review). Participants will assess their own teaching and utilize the scale to examine areas of improvement and those which need instructor support and/or clarification. The overall goal is to support teacher mindfulness and fidelity of program implementation.

We will provide you with a copy of the curriculum and all needed training materials, as well as a certificate of completion (that can be used for CEU purposes) at the end of the training. 

The cost for the training is $350.  Payment can be made through this link:  Make a Payment

Please enter “Learning to Breathe Training” in the Description field.  Please reach out to Rachel Reist with any questions: rachelr@dbhutah.org

For further information about Learning to Breathe, please visit: www.learning2breathe.org