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Overcoming addiction can be one of the largest challenges some individuals face. Oftentimes, easy access to their addictive substances of choice or contact with individuals who either intentionally or unintentionally interfere with recovery efforts halts or completely inhibits progress. In these situations, one of the best things for those seeking remission is to separate themselves from their surroundings.

Residential recovery centers provide a supportive, safe and caring environment with the tools, resources and treatments needed to help overcome addiction. The care from providers and programs available in our residential treatment programs for substance abuse helps guide individuals toward recovery.

What Is Substance Use Disorder?

Substance use disorder (SUD), or addiction, is complete dependence upon a substance, be it illegal drugs, alcohol or even tobacco. Those who have SUD are unable to focus on anything other than the substance to which they are addicted, including where they will get it and when they’ll next be able to use. This makes it extremely difficult to be a contributing member of society and many addicts find that they have no control over their lives once their substance use has reached the point of a disorder.

Those with SUD often begin using drugs or alcohol for a variety of reasons, which may include the feeling of being “high,” to relieve stress or avoid bad feelings, to improve performance or simply out of curiosity or peer pressure. Whatever the reasons for trying drugs or alcohol, becoming addicted can happen quickly, with a lot of negative consequences.

What Is Residential Treatment?

Sometimes called “rehab,” residential substance use treatment provides live-in recovery programs for those with substance abuse disorders. Clients typically stay in residential treatment for 30 or more days, though this can vary from person to person. Residential treatment gives clients the opportunity to step away from their lives, which may be triggering or exacerbating their substance use. Inpatient treatment can provide the opportunity to detox from substances while undergoing mental and behavioral therapy to facilitate a full recovery and sobriety.

We have several locations to serve clients in Davis County.

Benefits of Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

Making long-lasting behavioral changes can be difficult for those with SUD. Residential treatment offers the highest level of long-term treatment for addictions, leading to behavioral changes that will last. Other benefits of substance use residential treatment centers include the following:

  • Supervision by trained mental health and medical staff members, offering safer withdrawal and detox
  • Immediate crisis support on hand 24/7
  • Ability to learn and put into practice new tools, strategies and skills in a distraction-free environment
  • Opportunity to provide and receive peer support from others with substance use disorders
  • Safety net of trained and experienced professionals to guide clients through the process

Because many who struggle with substance use also have co-occurring mental illnesses, residential treatment is especially helpful in providing therapies that can treat both metal health and substance use disorders without having to attend two different clinics or facilities.

Who Should Consider Residential Substance Abuse Treatment?

Residential treatment for substance abuse is a good option for those who cannot find recovery on their own. They may have tried getting sober at home but outside influences make it difficult to avoid “falling off the wagon” and relapsing. Often, a negative living situation can exacerbate substance use, with people turning to drugs or alcohol to deal with complicated feelings or abuse.

Those who choose to utilize inpatient residential treatment should prepare for entering a facility. It’s important to get as many things sorted out ahead of time as possible so that reentering life after rehab is less complicated. Before entering treatment, clients should speak to their employer to ensure they’ll retain their job, find child care or living arrangements for children or other family members they care for, find out what personal items they are allowed to take to residential and plan for rides to and from the residential treatment center.

Davis Behavioral Health’s Safe Haven

Davis Behavioral Health’s Safe Haven is a short- and long-term, 24/7 residential treatment program for adult women and men. It is a 16-bed facility that provides evaluation and treatment planning. Our center provides:

Our practitioners work closely with clients to ensure that their treatment plan is individualized for the best possible results. No treatment is one-size-fits-all, so it is important to find the therapies, groups and management services that meet the unique needs of each client.

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