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Parent & Child

Creating a mindful home can help both parents and children increase their overall wellbeing, as well as gain a better relationship with each other and those they interact with daily. Davis Behavioral Health offers Mindful Parent Mindful Child, a six-week, online course that helps adults and children from kindergarten to 4th grade.

In this course, participants will learn self-awareness and self-regulation through evidence-based mindfulness activities for kids and their parents. Our instructors guide class members through structured mindfulness courses designed to foster connection and growth while helping parents and children better manage the stresses of daily life.

Learn to enjoy life to its fullest by helping your family to find balance and peace of mind. Register today for our Mindful Parent Mindful Child course and learn new techniques—and how you can implement those mindfulness exercise even after you complete the program.

Mindful Parent Mindful Child

Mindful Parent Mindful Child (K-4th Grade)

A twice-weekly online opportunity for parents and children to practice short mindfulness practices together, to foster greater self-awareness and self-regulation.