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Being an adult can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when responsibilities seem to keep piling up. Davis Behavioral Health offers several online and in-person, adult mindfulness classes designed to help teach the practice of mindfulness, allowing you to find balance and peace of mind amidst a busy, stressful life.

Choose from Mindful Motherhood, Mindfulness for Adults or Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, based on your current life situation. All of our classes employ evidence-based mindfulness exercises that help build a connection with the present while you work through stress, emotional distress or simply feeling unbalanced or out of control.

Each of our courses is six weeks long, held weekly. Our instructors provide mindfulness activities that you’ll practice in class and at home. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety or other mental health challenges, or you just want to cultivate more peace in your life, our mindfulness courses for adults can guide you through hard times and provide coping tools to create a balanced, happy life.


Mindful Motherhood

A 6-week in person course for pregnant mothers.  Mindful Motherhood is designed to experientially help you discover how mindfulness practice can be integrated into your […]

Mindfulness for Adults

Join us for an online or an in-person mindfulness class that will focus on learning core mindfulness practices to support you as you work with […]

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating awareness of what is happening in the present moment in a way that is compassionate, nonreactive, and nonjudgmental.  This […]