Perinatal Motherhood Support

Mindful Motherhood Class

A 8-week virtual course for pregnant mothers. Mindful Motherhood is designed to experientially help you discover how mindfulness practice can be integrated into your everyday life during pregnancy and early motherhood to help you stay balance, healthy, and connected with your baby, even in difficult moments.  Through experiential practices and class discussion, participants will learn to practice mindfulness to support them in working with the changing nature of the body, thoughts, and emotions, particularly with the challenges pregnancy and parenting bring.  

Davis County residents are given priority.  

Postpartum Support Group

A free weekly support group for new mothers struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health concerns (up to 2 years after most recent birth). Join a licensed clinician and other women learning to manage the challenges of motherhood and learn basic coping skills.  Babies welcome.

Davis County residents only.

Postpartum Therapy Support

Evaluation and diagnosis will be provided and determined by a maternal mental health provider. Therapy group will be aimed toward processing the unique experience of motherhood (complications from pregnancy and/or birth, postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosis and trauma.  A strength-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach will be taken to help reduce negative thoughts and emotions and increase healthy functioning and symptom management.  

Davis County residents only.