Key Leaders

The South Davis Key Leader Board includes the following members.

Key leader Liz Mumford, DSD School Board of Education

Liz Mumford

DSD School Board of Education

Key leader Dr. Susan Madsen, Utah Women & Leadership Project

Dr. Susan Madsen

Utah Women & Leadership Project

Key leader Chief Paul Child, Centerville Police Chief

Chief Paul Child

Centerville Police Chief

Key leader Julie Checketts, Woods Cross City Council

Julie Checketts

Woods Cross City Council

Key leader Troy Wood, CEO Lakeview Hospital

Troy Wood

CEO Lakeview Hospital

Key leader Marcie Valdez, Foundation Director

Marcie Valdez

Foundation Director

Key leader Chief Chad Soffe, Woods Cross Chief

Chief Chad Soffe

Woods Cross Chief

Key leader Isa Perry, Davis Health Coordinator

Isa Perry

Davis Health Coordinator

Key leader Mayor Randy Lewis, Bountiful Mayor

Mayor Randy Lewis

Bountiful Mayor

Key leader Michele Strong, Region 3 PTA Treasurer

Michele Strong

Region 3 PTA Treasurer

Key leader Wallace Larrabee, Woods Cross City Council

Wallace Larrabee

Woods Cross City Council

Key leader Ed Fila, Centerville Cares

Ed Fila

Centerville Cares

Key leader Rob Eastman, Eastman Fitness

Rob Eastman

Eastman Fitness

Key leader Jessica Buckway, Davis County School District

Jessica Buckway

Davis County School District

Key leader John Hollingshead, Centerville Cares

John Hollingshead

Centerville Cares

Key leader Deanne Kapetanov, Wood Cross High Principal

Deanne Kapetanov

Wood Cross High Principal

Key leader Travis Lund, Viewmont High School Principal

Travis Lund

Viewmont High School Principal

Key leader Mayor Clark Wilkinson, Centerville Mayor

Mayor Clark Wilkinson

Centerville Mayor

Key leader Sinead Urwin, Nutriment & Health Coach

Sinead Urwin

Nutriment & Health Coach

Key leader Valerie Dimas, Adelaide Elementary Admin

Valerie Dimas

Adelaide Elementary Admin

Key leader Morgan VanderVeen, OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center

Morgan VanderVeen

OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center

Key leader Mayor Rick Earnshaw, Woods Cross Mayor

Mayor Rick Earnshaw

Woods Cross Mayor

Key leader Chief Brandon Erekson, West Bountiful Chief

Chief Brandon Erekson

West Bountiful Chief

Key leader Mayor Len Arave, NSL Mayor

Mayor Len Arave

NSL Mayor

Key leader Chief Craig Black, NSL Police Chief

Chief Craig Black

NSL Police Chief

Key leader Mayor Ken Romney, West Bountiful Mayor

Mayor Ken Romney

West Bountiful Mayor