Medication Management

Here at Davis Behavioral Health, our clinicians work hard to ensure that our clients have the right treatment plan in place to help them on their journey toward better mental health. For some clients, that treatment may include the use of prescription medications to help manage the symptoms associated with mental health conditions. In most cases, optimal results come from the correct timing and dosages of those medications, which can be a challenge for some.


Those struggling to remember to take their medications or who need help tracking what is working and what isn’t, may benefit from medication management, an important service available through Davis Behavioral Health.

What Is Medication Management in Mental Health?

Medications are often invaluable in the treatment of many mental illnesses. However, there is no one-size-fits-all prescription for every condition. People are unique, and they may respond differently to different medications, which is where medication management applies. This process allows our providers to nail down the right prescriptions for individual clients while also helping them stay on the correct dosing schedule to have the best outcome.


Psychiatric medication management is more than just counting pills, though. It involves an in-depth understanding of each client that comes from assessments, evaluations and monitoring to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Our medication management process includes:

  • Assessment of the diagnosis for medication use
  • Strategies to reduce medication based on clinical judgment
  • Addressing behaviors related to medications
  • Identifying effective ways of reducing side effects of medication
  • Monitoring for adverse reactions to medications
  • Conducting an Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) assessment

Our practitioners work closely with clients to not only determine which prescriptions are appropriate for their unique concerns, but also to help offer support and guidance to make the process more successful and less stressful.

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Why Is Medication Management Important?

Medication can be an appropriate and important component of achieving wellness. But making sure that the right drug and the right dose is administered at the right time is critical for the patient’s safety and improvement. Because the effectiveness of one medication can vary greatly from one client to the next, it’s important for practitioners to really understand individuals’ needs, personal and medical histories and treatment plans to achieve greater success.

Medication management in mental health is an important aspect of a client’s overall treatment plan. Not only will it help people find the right medication and dosing, but it can also keep all practitioners involved with a single person on the same page. When other health care providers are informed of current medications, they are better able to provide adequate treatment.

Who Would Benefit from Medication Management?

Davis Behavioral Health has some clients who do not require medication management. They may already have found the prescriptions that work well for their particular needs, and they may be able to stay on top of their medication schedules on their own or with the help of loved ones. However, there are many others who can really benefit from medication management.

Clients Who May Not Understand Their Medication Regimen

It is important for clients to understand why they are taking medications so that they have a desire to stay on schedule. Some mental health conditions make it difficult to grasp why taking medications is necessary, and as such may cause some people to choose to discontinue taking their meds. In some cases, clients may know that they should be taking their medications, but they may not understand when they should take them, if there are any foods or drinks that should not be mixed with the medications or how to safely take each dose.

Clients Who Are Not Getting Desired Outcomes

Those who are taking medications but are not experiencing successful outcomes may benefit from medication management. Our practitioners can reevaluate prescriptions to determine if there are better options, adjust doses and closely monitor side effects to pin down the medications that will work the best. This isn’t always possible to do without the help of trained professionals. Aligning both therapy and medication can really help achieve better outcomes.

What Does a Medication Management Plan Include?

While every medication management plan will be unique to individual clients, most include some common features, such as:

  • Medication history
  • Current medication list
  • Medications that have been changed or discontinued
  • Collaboration documentation
  • Action plan, including goals and implementation strategies
  • Risk assessment, such as allergies, health conditions

Plans typically also include in-depth schedules and dosing guidelines to help practitioners, clients and pharmacists keep track of the individual needs of each client.

Get Medication Management Help from Davis Behavioral Health

Do you think medication management may help you or a loved one on the journey toward improved mental health? Our clinicians will work closely with you to help you find greater success and provide guidance along the way.

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