Photo of Adam Workman, CSW

Adam Workman


Populations Served: Adults


I met a man and his wife once who inspired me over a period of years to start living my life. They had a vision of the world they wanted to live in and leave for future generations. The vision they shared was "To empower the human spirit towards free, unconditionally loving and harmonious living." Over the last nearly two decades, I have endeavored to incorporate that vision into my life. I am wise enough to know that I cannot save the world, but I also know that each day I have an opportunity to make a difference and do just a little bit of good.

Education and Professional Background

Master of Social Work, received February 2024 from Walden University
Bachelor of Social Work, received December 2007 from University Nevada, Las Vegas

Personal Interests

I love the outdoors. Any chance I get, I prefer to get into nature. When I can't get out of town, I like to maintain my house and yard and endulge in reading or watching some thought provoking television.