Key Leaders

The Central 3 CTC Key Leader Board includes the following members.

Key leader Tami Tran, Kaysville City Mayor

Tami Tran

Kaysville City Mayor

Key leader John Pohlman, Fruit Heights Mayor

John Pohlman

Fruit Heights Mayor

Key leader Solomon Oberg, Kaysville Police Chief

Solomon Oberg

Kaysville Police Chief

Key leader Erik Johnsen, Farmington Police Chief

Erik Johnsen

Farmington Police Chief

Key leader Brett Anderson, Farmington City Mayor

Brett Anderson

Farmington City Mayor

Key leader Kathleen Chronister, SEL Director - DSD

Kathleen Chronister

SEL Director - DSD

Key leader Jaynee Poulson, <br>

Jaynee Poulson

Key leader Marcie Clark, Davis County Health Department

Marcie Clark

Davis County Health Department

Key leader Isa Perry, Davis4Health Coordinator

Isa Perry

Davis4Health Coordinator

Key leader Abbi Hunt, Kaysville City Council Member

Abbi Hunt

Kaysville City Council Member

Karen Coleman

Fruit Heights City Rep.

Melissa Layton

Farmington City Council Memter

April Pohlman

Fruit Heights City Rep.